Welcome to Trinity Catholic School

Faculty & Staff

Principal    Kathy Behrens
Asst. Principal    Michele Bombard
Administrative Asst.

Shirley Chartrand


Christina Lashomb, Teacher

Kim Stewart, Teacher

Kindergarten Academy  

Jessica Taylor, Junior Kindergarten

Loralee Marsh, Kindergarten

Katie Huber, Kindergarten

Grade 1 

Heather Doe

Pam Bogdan

Grade 2 

Tiffany Maynard

Terri O'Keefe

Grade 3  

Marjorie Ilisco

Grade 4 

Christine Britton

Andrea LaValley

5th and 6th Department

Eric Pomainville - 5th Grade

Ann Borsellino - 6th Grade

Michele Bombard - 6th Grade


Mary Willmart


Candace O'Neill


Joyce (Neilson) Giroux
Physical Education Tom Oldenburgh

Reading Specialist

Angie Smith (M,W, F,  8 - 11:30)


Sr. Judy Adams


Monica Boyea

Teachers' Assistants 

Donna Bourdon

BOCES Teachers' Aides

Cathy Colarusso

Renee Mere

Julie O'Brien

Mary Francis Ross

Katherine Woods

School Nurse Nicole Stowell
Before/After Care 

Denise Neves

Kim Stewart

Maintenance Staff

Ed Gilbo

Steve Simpson

Mickey Page

Cafeteria Manager Michele Chartrand
Cafeteria Staff  

Joanne Lawrence

Mickey Page

Advancement Department

Candace O'Neill

Joan Rufa

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